17 June, 2009

Three months later, radio

After fifteen weeks in the field and cloistered under headphones at Salt, I'm stepping back into the blogosphere, and back into the social media world of near-constant connectivity.

During the course of the program, Salt radio students produce two features - or "stories" - in addition to a promo and a vox pop. My first story is about Khadija Hussein, a fourteen-year old Somali refugee in Lewiston, Maine. Khadija grew up in Kenyan refugee camps and moved to the United States with her family when she was eight. An eighth-grader at Lewiston Middle School, Khadija is still acclimating to American culture and life in a predominantly white state. I entitled her story, Khadija's Dream Routine.

My second story is about how the Port Clyde groundfishing fleet is changing the way they fish and do business - a new approach that's both good for the resource, and fishermen's pocketbooks. A Fresh Catch aired in May on New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth.

Visit Flickr for more photos of shrimping and shrimp processing in Port Clyde.

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