12 October, 2008

NH Media Makers

What is NH Media Makers? I headed to a coffee shop in Newmarket this morning to find out.

NH Media Makers--I now count myself as a member--is an informal monthly gathering of bloggers, filmmakers, after-work podcasters, writers, software junkies, artists and practitioners of other mostly tech-related pursuits. The meetings serve as a place to talk about current projects, bounce ideas, share tools and n-e-t-w-o-r-k, that word Middlebury's Career Services team drilled into our minds. They were onto something. I had several conversations that might lead to future collaborations: NH Media Makers on public radio and a local voices documentary-style podcast, two possibilities.

In this rapidly changing new media and social media landscape, I find myself grappling with what my role is and how I ultimately feel about this uber-connected and techie world that we're creating. I'm split down the middle: excited by the openness and new ways that stories can be told and shared, resistant to the prospect of spending my days in front of a computer screen making media about a world I'm growing increasingly disconnected from.

One thing is certain: it's an interesting time to be entering the world of journalism.

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